Underlayment Replacement.

Why We Are Best?

Summers are scorching, and the right roofing underlayment can help your roof stand up to the heat. Roofing underlayment is extremely versatile, and since it can typically be exposed to the weather for up to six months, it is also very durable. The roofing underlayment is the barrier between the roofing material and deck and helps protect your roof from severe weather conditions. At Maverick Roofing, we offer different types of underlayment to suit your needs. With drastic unexpected temperature changes, synthetic roofing underlayment is an excellent choice for its high resistance to UV damage. With the right underlayment, you can significantly increase the life of your roof. Maverick Roofing is happy to help you choose the right underlayment replacement for your roof, whether it is synthetic, rubberized asphalt or asphalt-saturated felt.

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